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What is Orthotic?

Orthotics, otherwise known as orthoses, orthotic insoles or simply shoe inserts, are really devices you put inside your shoes and its purpose is to regain the natural function of the foot. This is imperative when the natural biomechanical balance of one’s lower body is disturbed by over-pronation. Poor foot biomechanics are the main causes of knee and heel pain as well as lower back pain, and over-pronation is the most common occuring form of poor foot biomechanics. A study shows that an estimated 70% of the world population suffer from over-pronation, with their feet arches dropping and rolling inwards of the feet and also the ankles.

To correct this, orthotic insoles act to realign the foot as well as the ankle bones back to their neutral position thus the natural foot function is restored. Not only will this help relieve problems in the feet, it will also alleviate problems at the knees, hips and also the lower back right up to the neck through the alignment of body posture.

My shoes comes with insole
why do I need Orthotic?

It's a common misconception that regular insoles and orthotics are similar - they are not. Regular insoles are designed to give the user a cushioning effect and also to absorb impact. They do not solve any biomechanical problems but they do a good job providing comfort. Orthotics are, however, functional. They are designed to correct and also optimize the function of our feet. While insoles do provide arch support, they tend to be made of soft materials which are too weak to have any significant effect on the support it provides.

Orthotics proved to be superior in this case as it does a lot more than just providing arch support. They return the feet and ankles back to their proper alignment and also improving the efficiency of the foot function. Orthotics provide better weight distribution thus relieving the pressure from sore sports like the heels, ball of the feet and also preventing corns and bunions. While orthotics do provide shock absorption to a certain extent - as that is not its main purpose - its more useful to use it for the improvement of foot function. In the long term, orthotics can effectively reduce pain and prevent any major problems and injuries.

Do I need Custom Made Orthotic or Insole?
Are they better?

Most people have the impression that custom made orthotics are better because they are custom molded to the user’s foot arch and shape. Because they are exact duplicate of a person’s foot, rather than correcting any inefficiencies,custom made orthotics actually incorporate any existing deformities. The orthotic either comes built into special shoes or requires shoes that are one size bigger just to fit them. They are good for those with severe foot deformities or leg length discrepancy. Although more time consuming to make and expensive, many clinical studies have not shown them to be better than ready made one. Many people ended up not wearing them for several reasons:

  • The shoe is not fashionable and/or too bulky
  • Limited foot wear choices, can only fit in closed shoes
  • Non transferable to other shoes for different activities/ occasions
  • Not practical to wear closed shoes inside the house
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Ready made insoles are readily available arch support, ranging from full length pad to ¾ orthotic. They vary in terms of quality, prices and functions. Due to its general shape and contour, it offers comfort and cushioning rather than correction of foot deformities. They tend to flatten or loose shape, thus requiring change very regularly.

Balance Walker is the most flexible and practical insole available in the market. It is biomechanically designed to support the foot and correct deformities. Because it is so thin, it easily fits into any existing shoes, sport shoes, high heels and even sandals and slippers. We understand you don’t wear the same shoe everyday, especially so for ladies. Balance Walker is transferable from shoe to shoe so you only need one pair for work, sport and play. It is also designed for use in home slipper or sandal for those who spend more time at home.

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Shoe Insole

Also known as an orthosis, shoe insole is a device designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. Foot orthoses comprise a specially fitted insert, shoe insole or footbed to a shoe. They look like insoles, but are biomechanical medical appliances made to correct your specific foot imbalance.

These shoe insoles or orthoses provide support for the foot by distributing pressure or realigning foot joints while standing, walking or running. Orthoses reduce stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into proper alignment. Thus helping to relief pain on the foot, knee, ankle, heel, neck pain as well as back pain.

Orthoses are specially designed to help re-align the feet by redirecting and reducing certain motion that takes place during the gait cycle. A great domain of information exists within the podiatry and pedorthotic community describing the sciences that might be used to aid or treat people with foot problems.

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